$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 3 – 2nd Trip

Week 3 – 2nd Trip
I stopped a couple extra times last week, just because I am now feeling I need more. Is still have stayed easily within my budget. But as my staples dwindled, of course, I needed to spend more.

02/09/12 (Week 3)
Tangerines 1.28
Chocolate raisins (bulk) 1.63
Bananas .95
Nut mix (bulk)4.06
Flax cereal (bulk) 5.07
Subtotal  12.99
Tax .78
Total 13.77

Kale  2.29
Bananas .95
Sour cream 1.09
Pork chops 3.54
Subtotal 7.87
Tax .47
Total 8.34

Budgeting, eating and cooking – they all obviously take time. I do not mind taking the time since the food I cook and my meals are really important to me, not just in the sense of being frugal – but of making the effort to eat whole foods. Being with a very low food budget is not something new to me – I was a single mom and I had to make what I earned work for us. I don’t bother with coupons anymore since that’s mostly only processed foods – I used to cut coupons and I saved a ton. However, now I can see what that was all about with getting people to buy processed foods – people get a taste of something and they want to continue to buy that product – it’s a marketing strategy, something I no longer want to buy into. Seriously, just whole foods is the way to go – I’ve been doing this for almost two years now, so taking the time to document this for people who are interested and on a budget can see and realize it is not a deprivation to eat well on a budget.


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