$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 4

02/12/12 WEEK 4
Walnuts (bulk) 2.46
Peanut butter 2.98
Stew meat 3.57
Wheat bread 2.50
Mozzarella cheese 2.79
Subtotal 14.30
Tax .86
Total 15.16

And why did I buy a loaf of bread? Yes, I do usually bake my own and love to bake, but not this week – I had a lot to do and was not up to it. My theory is that I will be eating a few PB&J’s this week, and I love them – never knock a good PB&J, those things really hit the spot. And the bread was a good one on sale.

I am going to put some beans in the crockpot overnight and add the meat tomorrow – for some good homemade chili. That will last for a while, I always say I’m going to freeze some whenever I make it and then I eat it all. I have an onion, some carrots that I’ll add. Maybe I’ll make some cornbread tomorrow to go with it.

I am pretty sure I will be making another trip for milk and fresh fruit/veg. Not a big deal to me because  I don’t like it to go bad. Also, the newspaper comes out with the weekly specials on Wednesday so its nice to see what’s on sale. Got to pay attention to the weekly sales!!

Shop what’s on sale. Shop the perimeter of the store for most of your food- just go in a giant U-shape from when you start to when you finish in front: Produce, meats, dairy and bulk items are usually around the walls of the store. Frozen fruit and vegetables are acceptable and healthy. And canned items can be very inexpensive – if you have to go there, it is not the end of the world. Your budget has to work for you, if you’re used to a certain food frozen or canned, buy it if you can afford to. But please do not buy frozen burritos or pizza or frozen meals or even dehydrated potatoes. DO NOT BUY PROCESSED FOODS!!!Whatever you do and however you make your budget work for you is up to you. But, you have to have a budget and it has to feed you well.


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