Learning to Love the Inconsistencies of Home Cooking

I’ve realized that home cooking is a constant inconsistency, due to the fact that I buy what’s on sale and what goes along with my budget. I take a list – always, but when it comes to produce and meat, I buy what’s on sale that day.
My list will consist of things I need from the bulk section and items like pasta or rice, possibly tuna or canned tomatoes, eggs and dairy. Meats specials are whatever the butcher decides to put out. I can plan meals with recipe inspirations, but the actual recipe will change due to the produce added and the amount of meat used. It’s all real food; good wholesome and hearty meals made by me.
Eating whole foods, I tend to use about 3 to 5 ingredients per dish, and I scatter foods around when I get a lot of something.
When it comes down to it, the food cooked and eaten from home is not always going to be the same, it is not going to be consistent like a restaurant. It’s homemade food, so its using what I have on hand.
So don’t expect restaurant consistency to come out of your kitchen; expect quality, nourishing and interesting meals to come out of your kitchen. Getting your family over the hurdle after eating fast foods and processed foods won’t be easy. Home cooking is inconsistent, its what’s available and fresh – if possible – and it’s made by you, by just simply cooking and not following a recipe. You’re going to have to get used to your own cooking and like it.


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