$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 7

Week 7
Going into the 7th Week of my project, $30 A Week for 52 Weeks, I had a credit of $25.52, even after I’d gone a bit over last week with the coffee situation. And this week and I’m still ahead of my budget by $18.09 after shopping.

Here’s what the week ahead in food looks like for me:

Flour, AP, unbleached 3.49
Tomatoes .92
Oranges .82
Potatoes 1.28
Broccoli .36
Zucchini .80
Eggs, 18 count 2.19
Mayonnaise 2.50
Wheat Bran 1.69
Cheese 2.99
Sugar 1.39
Bananas .76
Milk 1.99
Tuna 1.69
Walnuts 2.04
Sweetened cond milk 1.50
Evaporated milk .89
Tomatoes , canned (2qty) 1.00
Stew meat 3.41
Ground beef 3.60
Subtotal 35.31
Tax 2.12
Total 37.43

I caught the cashier on a mistake with the potatoes, she rung them up as organic because they were in a green organic bag. I stopped her and while she was pointing out to me I had put them into an organic bag, I stopped her again to tell her that the bag roll by the potatoes was empty so I grabbed what was nearest. Watch those organic bags, I’m sure a lot of people get over charged, as there are no signs to tell shoppers to put organic only into organic bags – at least not visible to naked eye. Watch yourself!!!


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