Paying The Price for Coffee

Looking back on this, I think I should of just walked around the block. I was tired; I was waning. I thought I just needed the pick-me up of a cup of coffee. Weighing pro’s and con’s I bought a small jar of instant espresso and a pint of half and half and took it back to work with me and got the water hot. Now, I’m not a big fan of instant anything. The aroma of brewed coffee is one of my absolute favorite things. Instant just doesn’t cut it. But, I’ve had this instant espresso before and it wasn’t so bad. Tolerable, in fact. It did taste really good. It hit the spot and I was quite happy. But looking back, I really, really, should have walked around the block and got some fresh air.

Week 6
2nd Trip
Coffee Cave-In Trip
Half and Half pint 1.19
Instant Espresso 3.89
Subtotal 5.08
Tax .30
Total 5.38


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