$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 8

Week 8

Broccoli .51
Red leaf lettuce .79
Brussels sprouts .64
Pears 1.39
Yams 1.78
Green onions .69
Milk 1.99
Fettuccine, dry 1.49
Half and half 2.39
Nutella 3.89
Parmesan cheese 2.39
Dark Chocolate 2.59
Bananas 1.06
Garbanzo beans, canned (2) 1.16
Pork chops 2.36
Ground beef 3.63
Total 28.75

If you read my previous entry you will have noted that I made some concessions. I feel more a part of my work team and that’s really important to me; my job is really important to me. Produce was great this week and I was able to get a bunch of fresh stuff. I splurged on Nutella, as soon as I got home I spread it on some Irish soda bread and it was amazing!

You may also have noticed I did not add tax. The reason behind this is that last year, I had food stamps and did not use them up, in fact I did not even know I had them. Then when I applied for unemployment in January, I received them and had not received anything in the mail. So, I just found out I had it. I was told to use up what I had when I called to cancel my benefits. Since those months I had the benefit and didn’t know and was barely getting by, I will use up my benefits. The benefits in Idaho are higher than the national average of $30 a week, it’s $50 a week here. I intend to stay on my program which will make it last longer. And it’s 4 months worth of benefits, 2 from last year and 2 for this year. Since I am a month behind on my rent, it helps a lot.


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