Life happens
1)  I have a real full time job now. Part of that job is a weekly Friday meeting, of which we are given lunch from one of the many local establishments. I have not participated as of yet, but since Monday was my first day as an actual employee of this company, I plan to participate starting this Friday. I feel like I have to. This job has come into my life and I plan to be a part of the team and so I am very gratefully going to do so.

2)  Coffee. I need coffee to keep me going. I will not include my coffee spending, but I will include sugar and half and half. And I will drink coffee at work that the company provides. You may have read previously that I had a coffee ‘situation’. Well, trying to get money or coffee out of this person is like beating a dead horse and it’s a really negative vibe that I am trying to get rid of. I will buy my own coffee and let the jerk plow my driveway when it snow.

3)  Alcohol. I barely drink but a few beers once in a while. Socially, it’s one of those things that is going to happen.

4)  If, and that is a very strong if, I get asked on a date, and if I feel like accepting, I will go out to dinner.

5)  Family gatherings. Like holidays and birthdays. I am part of a family that occasionally has stuff going on.


I have been very strict over the past 8 weeks. I will stay on my $30 A Week for 52 Weeks, allowing for these five parts of my life. I have to be real. Being real is what it’s all about. And I will keep you posted to anything interesting…


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