Reheating is not Cooking

The frozen food aisle has good intentions. But the path to a good quality life is not paved with the frozen foods provided by the processed food industry.

Preparing your own foods that can easily be reheated, after taking the time to prepare them and portion them out – either kept in the frig or freezer is our own answer to fast food. I have to get myself in this ‘zone’. But I do it. I can eat the same thing for a good three meals, after that I need to taste something else. When this happens the rest of the leftovers go into the freezer. Boredom and monotony is not what home cooking is all about. I want my food to satisfy not just my hunger but my senses, as well. And, my soul. And, I need to cook. Cooking time is special to me. Chopping, sauteing, simmering – open my senses. Feeding your senses is soul nourishing. Smelling food is a connection to everything I’m about; that makes me who I am. I smell onions and garlic and memories come alive; memories only I can connect with. The smell of something vanilla or chocolate baking in my oven – I have created a connection to my soul.

When my son walks in the house and the first thing he says is, “Wow, something smells really good, Mom”. Love is this kind of memory. Not love in its entirety, just a familial connecting love.

Someone might say “Food smells good when it comes out of the microwave, too”. But that’s five minutes of waiting and maybe making the ‘turn’ required by microwavable foods so they don’t scorch on one side. The long lingering aroma of different foods cooking together, producing wonderful gastric juices in our mouths and stomachs. Waiting for food to cook – giving it the time it takes to be the wonderful food you know it will be – is an inspiration unto itself. Good food takes time. Once a person can learn this, there is almost no turning back. I hope to never turn back.

My goal is to inspire people to make home-cooked meals. It’s my goal for myself. Like anything inspiring: the inspiration takes place once you begin it. Once you actually do it, you will be inspired to do more. Cook and you will be inspired to cook more. Really, it’s that easy.


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