My Work Life

Work is good, it always is. Food and eating at work is another story. Everyone knows about my project and the concessions I’ve made for work. On Friday we have our work-lunch meeting which is a nice perk for the week. And once in a while someone will bring in a treat, either from home or from a local bakery or from the store. Today, I felt like I need to reciprocate and took a quick walk to the market. I got a bunch of fresh strawberries and some gluten-free brownie bites for my co-workers. It was a good treat, although it would’ve been better if I made the brownies myself. Maybe next time.

One of my pet peeves is eating at my desk. I loathe not being able to get away to eat my lunch. My hours are a straight 8, which I do like, and don’t wish to change. So that’s just how it’s going to be. Everyone eats at their desk and this schedule is something we all sort of appreciate because a whole hour break would be a waste of time. Almost every single office job I’ve ever had has been this way. So, like a lot of other people in the world, I just live with it. On my own time I try very hard to focus on my meal. I think work stress is something we all deal with and time with our families and other activities are so important and that one hour takes so much away of our life that working 8 hours straight suits us just fine. I think I speak for lots of people that work to live our life that is away from work. We all work so we can have a life.


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