My Little Dog

My little dog, Duke, has been having some health problems lately. He’s been drinking a lot of water and having to pee a lot and he’s lost some weight. I got him to the vet yesterday to get to the bottom of it, and my little Duke has diabetes. Of course, I was worried if I had something to do with it, if you’ve read any of my blogs from the very beginning when I told you he was a baker’s dog – he’ll steal the baguette from a bag of groceries rather than the steak, and stand guard at the oven if he knows a loaf of bread is baking.We all know it’s not good for a dog to have human food. The vet assured me that his diabetes is hereditary. But it was not at all news I wanted to hear. He’s at a stage where it has progressed. So with a change of food and some medicine for a mild bladder infection, we’ll see how he behaves after two or three weeks. Diabetes is controllable and not that expensive to do for small dogs. I am relieved to know this–and pray for the best.

I’m glad the weather is nice now and the warmer months are coming – still have lots of trails to walk! We had a nice walk at the river this morning – a favorite thing for both of us.
Making sure he has a good dog’s life!
Keep good thoughts and prayers for my little Duke!


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