Cooking Matters

Why does Cooking Matter?

Just recently, I’ve been fortunate to get involved with Cooking Matters, a part of the national organization, Share Our Strength. Locally, here in Hailey, Idaho, Cooking Matters is part The Hunger Coalition. What it is is a series of classes that teach cooking healthy meals, nutrition and shopping well on a budget. All students learn hands on by preparing a meal together. At the end of class everyone eats!!

Students are encouraged to talk about cooking and food and the class is small so it’s easy to talk and interact. It does not intimidate. It is not a showcase or a presentation. It is a place to encourage others to feel the empowerment gained from cooking by taking part. This is what makes it special and important.

Through my blog, you can tell I am a firm believer in the empowerment of home cooking. And as luck and timing may have it, I am actively participating by teaching and I couldn’t be happier with this opportunity. The classes are sponsored by the organizations but the main person handling it is Hallie Reikowsy – putting it together, shopping and co-teaching – a lot goes into it! Planning ahead makes it go easier, just like with cooking.

Why does Cooking Matter? 
I can only speak from my heart. I don’t believe we lost touch because we didn’t have time; the last three generations of the women in my family have worked. There just seemed to be a decline in home cooking and a surplus of frozen food available. Entertainment became a priority via television. Working out after work became a priority instead of hand chopping vegetables or kneading dough. We’ve become more aware now that cooking connects us to identity, quality and it enriches our lives through nourishment and it’s nurturing qualities. Finding ways to reconnect to cooking and get inspired to cook are a big priority now. It’s personal to each of us.

Why is something so simple so important?
Adjusting time to get home cooking into daily life is the challenge lots of people face and are looking to get around. Cooking on weekends, using crockpots, filling up freezers, chopping and dicing ahead of time are all time savers. Knowing it is so important, we want to find ways to make it easier. By hands on learning it takes some of the struggle out of certain “chores” in the kitchen. Certain recipes or techniques that once intimidated us can now be easily accomplished. Cooking doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Why do we need it?
Personally our reasons may be different – but we all want to reconnect and gain the benefits of eating well. Economical reasons are a big factor, as well. Where someone may never have given a thought to the price of food and suddenly takes a paycut. Buying food within a budget might be tricky to learn but it is a great thing to know!

And the most important reason of all: Having the empowerment of cooking in your own two hands makes a person feel secure.


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