All I Want is Chocolate

I went to the market last night after work. As I was standing in line, I gave in and got a Toblerone bar and one Lindt chocolate. I’ve bought chocolate before on this budget o’mine, but the problem is that today it’s all I’ve wanted. And I have completely given into this craving. I love, love, love chocolate – as many people do, but to be on a budget and have a craving like this has made me think, I could only do this once in a blue moon – giving in to cravings is something I have not really thought about. So, I did.

A craving is not necessarily nutritious. You might have a taste for something or cook something that is particularly good and you may want more and more. A craving for chocolate or an iced mocha or a certain ice cream or whatever you can’t seem to get off your mind, and a craving is as well mental as physical – can doom a budget. I did well (to be posted tomorrow), I didn’t go over budget and had a great shopping experience, I bought lots of produce that I am truly looking forward to eating.

How did I get through this? Well, I made a big pot of chili, to eat now and freeze — then, after breakfast and lunch…I’ve had some chocolate. Just some. After my walk with Duke, I had some chocolate. After planting in my garden, I had some chocolate. So, it’ll be gone by tonight, but, well I have had an incredible chocolate filled day and no doubt will do it again as I am sure I’ve done in the past but never given a thought about it. My advice for a craving: have it. Once in a while I crave those maple bars – those big things at the gas station, and usually, a few times a year, I have to give in. It’s not my daily routine, it’s not something I would ever want to make a habit of, but it happens. If I just have one, it’s done. My silly craving is satisfied and it is off my mind. For the time being, I’m on a strict budget. And through my own observation and eating habits, I don’t think giving in to a craving once in a while ruins a budget or my health. What does become problematic is making a habit of eating a donut or two on a daily basis. Or eating candy bars daily. I want to eat well, eat chocolate and be human – and have the occasional craving! Moderation…yes, with sweet, sweet moderation to keep it all in perspective!


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