$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 16

Week 16

Apples (3 golden delicious) 1.91
Kale (1 lg bunch) 2.29
Tomatoes (4 roma) .72
Sweet potatoes (2) 1.71
Bananas (4) 1.47
Cilantro (1 bunch) .50
Toblerone 2.29
Lindt truffle .39
Carrots (3 loose) .77
Mango (1 lg) 1.99
Avocado (1 lg) 1.99
Milk 1.99
Pinto beans, dry 1.89
Ground turkey 2.81
Mozzarella, 2lb 7.99
Total 30.72

Hmm. Could’ve sworn that cheese was on sale for 6.99. It took me a while to decide to buy it, because of the price. I love all the produce I got this week – I am so looking forward to the mango and the avocado is just perfect! I just ate a kale salad with tomato, avocado, little cheese tossed with rice vinegar and a little veg oil.

Yesterday, I made a huge batch of chili and froze some. I took a look at my freezer situation while I was in there and realized I have lunches for about 2 weeks, with all the soup I’ve frozen and some beef made in the crockpot just over a month ago. And some beans that need to be eaten soon –Stocked! That’s a good feeling.

Got some carrot muffins in the oven – to satisfy my sweet tooth and a couple breakfasts, maybe with a hard-boiled egg. Smells good in here!

My gardening skills are pretty lousy, so tomorrow I’m looking into the local CSA. I am determined to get something out of it, charm and character, is my hope, but probably not much in the way of freezing and canning. I was so looking forward to my garden curbing some of my food budget — I’ll just have to see.

The chocolate is gone…that was to be expected.


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