Something to Chew On

I’m going above and beyond here. I just read this great article on the HuffingtonPost that Home Cooking increases longevity. Just tooting my own horn here, but this exactly what I’ve been writing about on this verrry blog for the last 2 years. Buying processed food, buying take-out, driving through the drive-thru’s, and what is it that’s missing besides nutritional value? All of the soul nourishing qualities that come from home cooking. Participating in putting meals together and shopping and cooking – this is also what’s missing when we don’t cook.

We have this tendency to think cooking is a chore. Why? Because it’s been ingrained into our heads by the people who want us to buy their food products. And they are products, not real food. Also, telling us we need the time they can save us to do other things. While we just simply go from being hungry to eating. No bother with all the steps to get to eating. Thought and care are human things; they’re actions that make us human. Simple human actions with soul nourishing qualities that increase our longevity.

I’ve written a lot about this. I’ve done my homework. I’ve driven through a drive-thru in my time, plenty of times. But, I don’t anymore. I have good reason not to and am better off in so many ways. I know in my heart there are many others just like me. Paying bills before buying food. Single-parenting. Coupon cutting. Vicious life cycles of healthy eating and working out, to stress-eating-after-work-happy-hours with co-workers. Too much on the table? Yep, you got that right, except, not enough home cooked food on the table.

One day driving somewhere, to or from home, I can’t remember, I said to my son, ‘Do you want to go to Jack in the Box?’ and he said, ‘No, I want real food.’ He was in high school at the time. My eating habits didn’t change overnight from that moment on, it started to happened as my thought process gradually changed. What did happen right away was an enormous satisfaction from my own cooking. A new found appreciation for what I could make.

I’ve shared a lot in my book – it’s a small helpful book. I feel like there are recipe books galore and an abundance of resources on the internet. What I wanted to do was create a resource for people to use as a tool for using their kitchen. For people to look to for time saving and economical shopping and creating life in their own kitchen; To help you create life in your kitchen. That’s what this blog and my little book are all about; to inspire you.


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