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Week 18

Week 18

Produce from Bountifulbaskets.org
Pears, 4
Corn, 4 ears
Carrots, 6
Tomatoes, 5
Apricots, 11
Bananas, 6
Cauliflower, 1 large head
Honeydew melon, 1
Onions, 7 medium
Cucumber, 1 large
Green bell peppers, 3
Lemons, 3
Blackberries, 6oz.

Total 15.00
Fee 1.50

Regular market shopping, so far.
Nonfat vanilla yogurt, 32oz  3.99
Half and half, pint 1.29
Total 5.28

Sugar, 5lb 2.88
Dark chocolate 1.97
Yeast, 1.18
Subtotal 6.03
Tax .36
Total 6.39

Total this week 28.17

Total re-cap of my budget

540.00 18 weeks budget
536.23 18 weeks spent
   3.77 Under budgets

I feel like with the food co-op I have an abundance of food. Something is always ripening, needing to be eaten or the question of how should I fix it? comes up. I have leftovers from last week: apricots, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes. I’m outta jam – so I’ll make some with the apricots and will use it right away so I won’t do the whole canning process. I have a lot of cookingand prepping to do today, so I’m going to get to it.


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