Kitchen Habits

Knowing your way around a kitchen and making it work for you is something money can’t buy. Skills and habits and knowing what flows in and what can be made into something to be eaten now and later. What’s fresh today and what’s going to be fresh tomorrow or the next day. Movement in the kitchen should be a constant flow. And it’s a good feeling knowing that you’re the one making it work.
Good kitchen habits extend to out to shopping and buying and then come home to the kitchen. A kitchen is a place of creativity and nourishment. Of every shape and size, it’s a healthy place for cups of tea for encouragement to long simmering soups to soothe the soul. A working place, it’s the most giving that a place in our home can be. It’s a place; not a station; not a reheating zone. It’s a place to linger and smell and taste and eat.
What we do there defines our lives. Simple? Yes. Powerful. Yes.
Cooking can be overwhelming. Just the thought of cooking can be daunting. Keeping your kitchen a kitchen will help. Space may be minimal, but try, when you’re cooking to keep the counters clear and clean. Use the space for food you’re preparing and nothing else. Keep your bills in a separate place while you cook. It helps to have an inspiration board in the kitchen or near the kitchen with pictures and recipes of foods you’d like to make. Tables and presentations of meals and food that you want to try.

An organized space with a place for what you need, there for you when you reach for it. If you have a small space. Keep what you need out and useful. I lived on boats for 7 years, I can tell you a lot about how to work with small galley kitchens. You don’t need a lot of gadgets and special appliances for everything you cook. Keep it very simple and it will work for you. And storage space can always be made in places away from the working area of the kitchen.

Allow it to get messy; that’s what happens when you cook. Just clean it up. That’s another thing people can be afraid of – cleaning up a messy kitchen, the pots and pans and stuck on messes from cooking. It’s supposed to be that way – get yourself prepared for it. Clean as much as you can as you go. Keep a sink full of hot soapy water. Dishrags to wipe down counters. Just know that this is a part of what makes it such nourishing place.


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