$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 21

Week 21

Lettuce, red leaf .99
Zucchini .94
Oat bran 1.15
Milk 1.99
Stew meat 3.63
Half and half 1.29
Zoom, Krusteaz 2.39
Malt o’Meal, chocolate 4.99
Total 17.37

In order to not forget…I will be signing up for Saturday’s food co-op tomorrow! The window of opportunity, to sign-up, is from Monday at noon to Tuesday at 10PM. Waiting till the last minute never works for me, something always seems to come up and get in my way! Monday night after work is going to be my designated time, from now on.

I had a few tomatoes left and peppers frozen. I do really feel the need to clean out my refrigerator. You’ll notice the only time I call my frig a refrigerator is when it’s gone awry and needs some TLC. Some organizing and using up what’s left is going to be taking place this afternoon.

Right now, I have in the crockpot, the stew meat with tomatoes, zucchini, onions and garlic, to be poured over some brown rice for dinner tonight and a few lunches. At least four meals.

I have kicked my cold cereal habit, a few years back. Raisin bran is my cereal of choice – store brand – and I eat it quite often. When Chris was growing up, Jerry Seinfeld had nothing on me; I had the collection going on, sometimes 6 or 7 cereals at a time. Always a gallon of fat-free milk. It was breakfast (or a portion of it), it was dinner, on occasion – I always knew I was a cereal junkie. Now, however, I don’t buy it like I used to. Raisin bran and the occasional box of Life will be the only ones you’ll see in my cupboard.

Hot cereal was another story, altogether. I have always liked chocolate Malt o’Meal, since I was a child. Plain Malt o’Meal, Cream of Wheat, Cream of Rice, Bob’s Red Mill 7 or 10 grain, Wheatena, and good old corn meal mush, which I think I make really decadently with a splash of evaporated milk. I have never tried Zoom by Krusteaz, and I have to say I really like it. Its one ingredient is what caught my eye: Whole Wheat. This cereal cooks to a soft texture, unlike some others that remain grainy after cooking, which, I like sometimes, too. Zoom was a nice surprise and this morning, I cooked up enough to last a couple of days at work. Just a quick reheat and it’s ready.

Also, there are eggs for dinner during the week, with a tossed salad. Simple food, easy to prepare and satisfying. If I do feel the need for something else, I have enough in my budget to pop into the market this week!


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