$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 22

Week 22

I made it back to the co-op!
Cucumber, large 1
Mushrooms, 8oz.
Green leaf lettuce 1
Potatoes 5# bag
Spaghetti squash medium size 2
Watermelon small 1
Bananas 6
Apricots & Plums mixture 4 lbs
Grapes 2lbs
Total 15.00 (plus 1.50 fee)

A nice mixture this week. I’ve been eating grapes all day – sweet and crunchy!

It’s a good thing I love apricots and plums! Sweet and juicy plums, yum!

Market Shopping
Week 22

Pinto beans 1.89
Yogurt, plain 32 oz 2.59
Mozzarella cheese 1.79
Ground beef 3.91
Milk 1.99
Half and half 1.29
Chocolate Almond milk 1.99
Total 15.45
Coconut water 2.59
Revised total 18.04

Just basics, nothing too exciting. I had some errands to run after work, it was verrry hot and I got a coconut water, as I was feeling dehydrated. I know there was a mistake on that one, there were others and I chose this particular one because it was on sale. for 1.89 – another mistake, but not caught on time. The chocolate almond milk used to be something I got regularly, but haven’t for a few years. To me, it’s decadent and it’s my treat this week.


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