Be Pro-Cooking!

Home cooking has been making a comeback. In the effort to end childhood obesity, there is the “Fight to End Childhood Obesity”.

At the same time we have “No Kid Hungry”, an ongoing effort to end hunger in America, a very serious problem.

How did we get to this place?
On one hand we have an obesity epidemic and on the other we have children and people hungry. An abundance of processed foods are available; and dollar menus at fast food drive-thru’s, with advertising everywhere catching us and tripping us into their traps of bad food choices. Processed foods are a lifestyle of ease, conformity – of bad health and bad quality.

Apparently, with the staggering numbers of obesity and kids hungry – we aren’t cooking enough at home. You can change that and so can your kids. Start by cooking most of your meals with whole food ingredients. Begin by limiting anything premade. Eliminate everything processed and artificial.

Learning to cook is playing a huge part in changing peoples’ lives. Make a pact with yourself to cook. Good whole foods are available. On a budget? Think good food costs a lot of money and is time consuming to prepare? Read this blog. Learn tips on budgeting and time-saving advice and make them a way of life for you and your family. Post an idea of your own!

This is a Pro-Cooking site. It’s Home Ec Cooking for today.

Home cooking can make a powerful difference in your life!! And it will.

~ Julie ~


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