$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 34

Week 34

Eggs 1.69
Milk 1.99
Half and half 1.89
Uncle Sam cereal 3.49
Oatmeal 1.63
Peaches 2.00
Cane sugar, bulk 1.63
Yams 1.82
Tea bags 1.99
Tomatoes 1.02
Bananas .99
Plums 1.53
Onions .65
Sirloin tip 2.35
Pork chops 3.12
Adobo seasoning 1.79
Lindt truffles (2) .78
Flour tortillas 2.59
Pasta penne 1.49
Popcorn 2.39
Total 36.83

Made up for some lost time! And Note to Self: Do not shop hungry! I had just gone on a walk with Duke and stopped at the thrift store – on a small bowl of raisin bran – and hungry. Everything was a possibility; it all looked goooood.

Also, I have to do better on work lunches. I’ve sort of been lagging and not taking a fulfilling lunch. Of course, I get home ready to eat whatever I can get my hands on. Not good habits. My point of view is that, I am not on a strict diet; I want to be healthy and eat good meals for not just body, but soul, also. I want to take the time and prepare a meal. I want to sit down and eat. It clearly feels right and makes me feel good about myself. Managing stress will be an ongoing issue.

It’s funny, I was thinking, I’d just left a very stressful job a month ago and started a great job, basically stress free. And here, I had a few things come up and had to take care of them at night after work…just the timing of it; the kitchen time – my normal kitchen time – was taken up by phone calls and paperwork and messed up my eating pattern. How should I be prepared to handle things that come up in the future? Because, we all know, stressful events are always going to come up.

Having a well stocked freezer is the best one. At the moment, I have some chili beans and frozen peppers – not much. Frozen soups would have helped. Ready to eat salads – potato, egg and pasta would have helped. Instead of going for the demi-baguette, it would’ve been wiser to just buy a loaf of bread and make an egg sandwich and with a piece of fruit – there’s a healthy, economical lunch. My practical mind had run dry. For two weeks out of 34, it’s not bad and a learning experience. A very good learning experience, at that. Like, I have always said, life is a contradiction. We want to go one way and fate takes us in another direction – we have to deal with it and then we have to learn to deal with it well.

It’s all about learning to repair our faults, once we become aware. Which is what we’re doing here in the first place: we’re learning to eat well on a sound budget with whole food ingredients made at home.



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