$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 33

Week 33

Cottage cheese 1.35
Bananas 1.47
Walnuts 1.74
Lettuce .99
Chocolate chips 3.15
Avocado (1) 2.00
Milk 1.99
Ground beef 3.35
Subtotal 16.04
Tax .96
Total 17.00

On Wednesday, I got a bagel from the bakery next door.

Bagel 1.00

Grand total for the week:

My two prior weeks were leaning to the fattening side. I ate lots of cheese and bread with no vegetables to balance it out. Although, two days ago (it’s actually Sat 9-8-12) I made pizza, it was full of vegetables and low-fat mozzarella…and I’ll probably make another one tomorrow. No meat, just full of flavor. I love making homemade pizza, it’s soooo good and so inexpensive. Pizza dough is one of those things, one you get it right you just love it because it is so easy and so much more worth it to make from scratch. Why spend $5 to $10 on something you can make at home for around $2 with good quality, fresh ingredients? Talk about value!

Do you make family favorites from scratch? Dinners that are delicious and healthy that your family looks forward to? I’d love to hear about them!



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