$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 39

Week 39

Red leaf lettuce .99
Cauliflower 1.29
Bananas .98
Apples (4) 2.24
Eggplant .99
Tomatoes (4) 1.16
Carrots, loose (5) 1.11
Half and half 1.89
Eggs (18) 1.99
Pork chops 3.37
Avocado (1) 1.50
Brown rice, bulk 1.29
Sunflower seeds, bulk 1.56
Walnuts, bulk 1.98
Onions 1.87
Total 24.21

Last night I made lentils with some of the sausage I had from last week. This, with a sweet potato is an amazing meal, a nice contrast with the sweet potato and spicy sausage, so I have this for a few lunches this week.

I just made banana bread with apple to have with a little coconut oil – a delicious breakfast. A few days ago I made zucchini bread with what was left from my garden. It did not last long, I’ve been having it for breakfast –  it came out really good. Also, I have carrots and onions roasting in the oven. Breakfast and lunches are covered! Sunflower seeds mixed with chocolate chips and apples all ready for lunches. Lettuce has been washed and spun and ready for salad. Some brown rice is also made to have as a side with dinner or add to anything (I like to add to salad).

I was kind of tired of eggplant, but a huge one was only .99 so I got one. I think I might roast this and serve with brown rice and some cheese over the top with the carrots and cook the pork chops. Last week, Thursday and Friday I had an omelet for lunch with cheese and avocado.

I made a very large pasta penne bake last Sunday, I had it for dinner and Mon, Tues and Wed for lunch. There were three servings left which I froze. This has been my habit when I make a large dish to portion it out for lunches and freeze some for days when there is not enough time (it happens), it’s an easy go-to meal.

Time spent in the kitchen after shopping: 1.5 hours. Worth every minute as most foods are cooked for the week. The house smells amazing after banana bread baking and carrots/onions roasting! Any more time will be limited to quick cooking and clean-up.

Have a great week!


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