$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 40

Week 40

Onions .63
Cane sugar, bulk .71
Cranberries 1.99
Pears, 4 2.91
Garbanzo beans, 2 cans 2.38
Yeast, 1 lb 3.49
Zucchini 1.99
Apples, 4 .98
Carrots 1.19
Broccoli 1.13
Bananas 1.41
Avocado 2.49
Milk 1.99
Chicken breasts, 2  3.15
Total 26.44

I have a loaf of bread rising, an apple crisp about ready to come out of the oven and chicken breasts roasting. Oh, and fresh cranberry jam to go with the chicken. The chicken will go into approx. 5 meals.

The yeast is a lot, and I hope to not let any go to waste – because, there was only .80 difference from three packets to one pound; this time of year I hope to use it! And why, why, why am I buying canned garbanzo beans? Beans are a favorite of mine and I do really well with dry beans, however, not so much with garbanzo’s. The ones I cook do not seem to come out as soft as the canned. I love them – lately, I’ve made sandwiches with mashed avocado and mashed garbanzo beans, lettuce and tomato –  these sandwiches are amazing and on homemade bread! I am partial to the taste of garbanzo’s but I am going to try mashed black and red beans as sandwich fillings.

I’ve written before about the fact that I am not a vegetarian, I love meat – I just don’t require meat at every meal. Stretching meat by using grains is economical, but, what may be even better is that it’s good to eat this way. Incorporating grains with meat is incredibly filling, tasty and very good for you.

From last week’s produce, I still have half an eggplant, lettuce, 4 tomatoes ( I was given 4 small tomatoes from someone at work – had to eat them first), 2 apples, which, I just used.

For lunches, I will make the sandwiches for for 2 or 3 of the days. Then maybe egg salad or omelette’s. Bananas and pears. Lunch is covered.

Dinner’s will be salads, with maybe a quesadilla with beans, chicken and cheese. There are broccoli, carrots and zucchini to have with rice or other grain, maybe some cheese. This might be good for a veggie pizza later in the week with some garlic and onions.

Looks like a good, nutritious week ahead!


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