$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 40, 2nd Trip

Week 40, 2nd Trip

I made a quick stop on Friday – potatoes were on sale!

Spaghetti .99
Whole wheat flour 1.42
Falafel mix 2.81
Cucumber .59
Potatoes, 10# 1.69
Tax .48
Total 7.98

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Falafels? A trip to LA nearly two years ago was the last time I had one! I have seen this falafel mix in the bulk section many times and wondered about it. I looked at garbanzo flour, which was not much more but required many other ingredients. This mix had all the spices and you just mix with water. Well, I tried it and it was awesome! The ingredients are all real and it was super easy. I mixed some yogurt with cucumbers for dressing, and served with lettuce and tomatoes. I was very, very pleased with dinner last night. Also, I have enough for about three more servings.

The flour was on sale for .89 a pound, and since I have all that yeast, this is a very good buy.



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