$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 41

Week 41

Cream cheese 1.29
Bananas, 5 1.80
Lettuce, green leaf 1.49
Black beans, bulk 1.14
Lentils 1.89
Apples, 4 2.54
Milk 1.99
Avocado 1.99
Half and half 1.89
Bufalo Chipotle sauce 1.19
Sugar, bulk 3.36
Tax 1.23
Total 21.80

I think I may have made a personal discovery with beans as a sandwich filling – I am about to make the black beans into some kind of filling. I am so impressed with garbanzos that I am quite sure any bean would be great with the right seasoning. Possibly some chipotle sauce…maybe??

I’ve made a big batch of lentils for lunches – with brown rice, carrots, potatoes and onions. I used to add a bullion cube to this but have not in the past few months, too salty. Just had a big bowl…I love, love, love lentils. The lentils in the bulk section are the French small dark green variety, which, I like but am partial to the flat green ones – the ugly ones – I just prefer the texture.

I did not buy meat this week: I’ll be seeing my son at the end of the week and he has a freezer full of fish – a really good thing for him – I am hoping I’ll bring some home.

The sugar thing: a few weeks ago, I broke a jar full of sugar, so, last week I got as much that was left in the bulk bin. This week,  I was able to get a decent amount.

For the week:
Breakfast – hb eggs, toast (bread rising at the moment), bananas. There are other options – oatmeal, wheat hot cereal.
Lunches – Lentil soup, apple.
Dinners – Salad with an omelet. Pasta with a salad. Tuna (noticed I had a couple of cans) salad.
Misc. – Walnuts, sunflower seeds and chocolate chips, peanut butter.

This week looks good with plenty of healthy, filling meals!
Have a great week!


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