No Rest For The Weary!

This has been a bit of an off week, due to the fact that I stayed with my son over the weekend in Astoria, Oregon. We had not seen each other since March and as you know, family is one of my concessions on my budget. Although, throughout this year I have not seen my family very often. We really enjoyed our time together and I got to see where he goes to school and enjoy part of the northern Oregon coast – quite gloomy weather but beautiful all the same. Last Friday we visited the Tillamook cheese factory, which was pretty cool and got some cheese curds and went to some antique shops along the coast. Saturday, Chris put a clam and salmon chowder (frozen fresh by the fisherman himself!) in the crockpot for the day while we went to see the MERTS campus and the fishing boats he worked on during the summer – I may have mentioned before that he is a marine captain and is doing a maritime science course. We, also, hit a couple of the local museums – of course the Goonie museum! Not too long of a visit, and a long road trip to boot – ten and a half hour drive each way. Good thing I like road trips! It was pretty intense – of course worth it!

Needless to say, I have not needed a whole lot from the market. I brought at least 4 servings of chowder home with me, much better a couple days later, I might add. And still had food from last week to get by on. I did manage to pick up some things on Monday and I ended up with an interesting little haul for the week from a few different places…Next Post!

Phew!!! Can’t wait until the weekend to sleep in for a bit!



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