$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 46

Week 46

Tomatoes 1.49
Apples 4.41
Bananas 1.19
Half and half 1.89
Garbanzo beans (2) 1.78
Avocado (1) 1.99
Ground beef 3.80
Tax .99
Total 17.54

Week 46, 2nd Trip
Pasta, penne .99
Chocolate chips 1.55
Milk 1.75
Juice 1.99
Yogurt (4 small) 1.96
Cottage cheese .90
Oats, quick 1.21
Oats, regular 1.33
Raisins 1.10
Tax .84
Total 13.62

Grand Total for the week: 31.16

Wow Week 46! I made a batch of chili – that went way too quickly as it is one of my favorite things. Once you make your own, there’s no turning back! Unfortunately, I ate it all before I could freeze any of it.

I have just given in to the fact that it is that time of Year! Needless to say there are things going on – and my blog may fall behind here and there, though, never forgotten!!

Happy Baking! Always the baker – my oven will go into overdrive next week and I will love every minute of it. No sugar in my coffee or tea is working really well – it might be something I continue after the seven weeks is up. A really good idea on my part to get through the holidays with all the goodies.

I know it’s a busy time of year, keep it as simple and stress free as possible!


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