$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 47

Week 47

Zucchini 1.18
Sweet potatoes 1.52
Apples 1.68
Lentils 1.08
Bananas 1.04
Flour 1.58 ???? (receipt says flour, but only got 1 bag of flour)
Chocolate bar 1.48
AP flour 1.54
Sugar 2.88
Lemons (2) 1.48
Butter (2 lb) 4.96
Potatoes 10lb .99
Eggs 18ct 2.18
Brown sugar 1.42
Tax 1.50
Total 26.51

Baking 15.33 (partial)

I am having a little bit of a dilemma here – due to the fact that some of this will be for holiday baking. The flour, sugar, eggs, butter, brown sugar. As I’ve said before, I am on this budget in real life. The ingredients I got for baking were very inexpensive at Wal-mart, and will go for a few batches of different recipes. At the moment it looks like I’ll be living on the 99 cent bag of potatoes – nope don’t think so – but that was a great deal!

At this point to keep it realistic, I will just hold the 15.33 apart and see how much of it I use for baking. I doubt I will need anything else this week. I’ll keep it in the budget for now and deal with it later. Jeeeesh, right now all I want to do is bake!

‘Tis the season!!
Cheers, Julie


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