$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 50

Week 50

Raisin Bran 3.69
Tortillas, wheat 3.09
Leeks 1.98
Avocado,1  1.50
Eggs 1.89
Green tea 3.49
Sour cream .99
Yogurt 2.69
Cottage cheese 1.99
Half and half 1.99
Milk 2.09
Total 26.92

It is down to the wire: Week 52 is starting tomorrow! I am in the midst of catching up and working on the spreadsheet. All will be updated shortly!! I have to say that after a year of keeping track, it was an extremely good learning experience and one of those things, like taking ballet when you’re young, it keeps up your posture; because once it is instilled in you it becomes second nature.

This year I have not only kept track of my food but other necessities such as pet food, household needs and gas. This will be another lifetime all together, but alas, I know what it takes to survive and looking back it looks easier to cut certain items I spent money on but did not really need. Ah wisdom from learning and knowing!

More to come!!


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