$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 50

Week 50

‘It happens.’ -Forest Gump


This whole year of keeping track I only lost one receipt and it was during the 50th week!

It’s sort of funny but I am kind of proud of this. I know I had this receipt in my coat pocket because I felt it every time I put my hands in my pocket. Then when I went for it for my blog it was gone. It must’ve fallen out somewhere along the line. Maybe it will show up in my car or somewhere.

It was on 01-04-13 (could’ve been the day before as I got this off my bank statement). I know it was mostly cat food, about $7 worth. And I know I got bananas. The total was for 11.17. I may have got a yogurt. I know I went in for cat food and that was it and I’ve got to have my bananas I start getting anxiety when I am down to one so I got about 1.00 worth.

Silly, huh? But for this whole year, I did not do too bad in keeping track of my receipts. As I type this I am looking at a notebook complete with plastic pages with monthly calendars for the year, with my receipts neatly tucked into their respective pages. Nice. I am an organizational freak. It keeps me busy.


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