bountyandbreadA lot of thought, effort and work have been going into this. And we are still not quite there. Plenty of hiccups later…I am sure it will be where I want it to be. But then I may change my mind. Glory be…

It has always been a question of: What is Inspired Home Cooking? On my part it has always been a true love of home cooking and a very strong belief in making it a priority – for everyone. One thing that has been certain from the very beginning is that everyone is welcome because for one reason or another we all love food, and cooking – home cooking – should just go along with that hand-in-hand.

Sharing is a big part of home cooking. Sharing is what inspires us no matter how it is done; photos, aromas, memory all play a part of what we cook on a daily basis at home in our own kitchens. Over the past three years I have written a lot, much to my amazement! All of it written from the heart hoping to weave more into our common bond of cooking. Just now, looking through the posts I have been inspired by my own love for what I’ve been doing here and through the posts I have seen my writing grow and my voice over the years has become more outspoken. But I have learned, also, that words are feeble things when it comes to the internet. Especially when it is a cooking website. Visualization is key.

I am the kind of person who is normally hungry when I cook – taking pictures is off limits when I throw my meals together. I usually remember while I am eating that I was supposed to take pictures – with a full mouth. HA, this has happened to me more times than I can shake a book at! Rest assured, it is now my main goal in life to get over this terrible habit and STOP, DROP and SHOW you all what I am doing. I have even bought a snappy new camera — To make sure you see every little detail I know you want to see! So you see I am getting into the groove; it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

As some of you may have noticed I have switched my blog to WordPress. This has been advised for all the wonderful things I wished it to do. Not easy, but doable and DONE. DONE. Finally. Done. The frustrating part is over now and well, now I get to be creative and do what I like to do best: Share Inspired Home Cooking.

Many, many more!!


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