New Look

Brick by Brick…

bytheriverAs you may have noticed I’ve been out of commission, lately. After the 52 week mark I took a break. In all honesty I need to switch it up a bit – Give the blog a redesign and a fresh new look and so I have been investigating my options, to play with on my ongoing limited budget!

I have gone through several re-designs in the last three years and have yet to find the one that works with the viewers. I feel like it’s a place that is literally under construction at all times, as I have yet to be happy with it. From a viewer standpoint – it will eventually become recreational and informative. A place for laughable and inspired learning.

There will be:

Pictures, Pictures and many more Inspiring Pictures!!

Recipes with step-by-step instructions, with Pictures!!

Video – exciting how-to’s!!

Look-Books and Collages to get you to the recipe you want!!

And, eventually I will make a user collection page that will hold inspirations & notes for the user – beauty is in the eye of the beholder kind of thing, because what you may see as inspiring so many others may not!!

Please bear with me, it will be baby steps through and through, but eventually it will be a fun and inspiring place to visit and stay a while. My goal is to be more than just a name but to be an experience that never stays the same.

So, brick by brick it will be rebuilt, I say it like this because most likely it will be done in my own sweet spare time, with lots of love and care!

Any questions, concerns or ideas you feel you would like to express, feel free to email me at

Inspired Home Cooking


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