New Look

Getting There!

I love how I learn things as I go along. NOT.

You will notice now that a more refined site is coming your way – every time you see a new blog it will be better and better. It’s like trying a new line of make-up – just a little bit here and there and soon you’re glowing with a new you. That’s how I’m feeling, anyway.

It’s not like picking up a few new things at the drugstore and trying them; it’s more like being given a case from a make-up artist and having complete control. You want to look different but are kind of afraid to go too far on the first day out. And then some colors are definitely not you. Playing around does take up a lot of time now and in some ways now is the fun time. Oh, and taking pictures that look like real food! It’s a blast!!

I feel like I have a whole new toy box. All to myself.

BTW, if you are getting emails, you will be getting nice ones pretty soon!


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