Cookie Butter

Cookie Butter Phenomena:

Cookie Butter is amazing! It is one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted. Which is the reason I am not allowed to have any for a very long time. Notice the scrape marks, I got as much as I possibly could out of those jars. The phenomena is that I can eat it and eat it and not get tired of it, or sick of it or nauseous of having too much. How is it that I have it, you might ask? My sister, shopping at Trader Joe’s was handed a sample and was asked if she liked it. No, she said, But my sister will love it. As I write this, I feel like the infamous Mikey from the Life cereal commercials back in the 70’s…

Let them eat cake! So I can have cookie butter!
Let them eat cake! So I can have cookie butter!

Trader Joe’s is my best buddy (we have always been very close). Right now I am glad – very glad – there is no Trader Joe’s for hundreds of miles. If someone asked me if I would rather have Ben and Jerry’s or cookie butter, right now I would have to say…you guessed it. I am really hoping I will get sick and tired of it someday. Whoever invented the stuf is a genius, pure genius.



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