My Little Dog, Duke

Duke on a Hike

I posted last year when my rat terrier, Duke was diagnosed with diabetes, and it was a rough year for the little dog. In August he went blind, though he adjusted well like animals do. This week my little dog took a turn for the worse and rather than have him be alone and struggle with the illness any longer, I decided it was time. Yesterday I took him to the path at the river for a walk and to be a dog – a real dog. When we got home I made him a big juicy hamburger and we sat and watched The Goonies together – he was a little goonie dog with my son, Chris. He knew how much he was loved. It was a decision that was sound and the vet knew it was his time. He’d been well cared for but his little body was failing him and there was just no telling what could happen. And I needed to be with him when he went. From Culver City, CA to Bellevue, Idaho he had a good dog’s life.

Duke 11-30-2001 to 4-13-13

Rest In Peace, Little Dog, Mommy loves you.


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