Celebrations · Special Occasions

16 Make everyday a special occasion.

Each day it’s important to stop and take a look at what you have. Appreciate what you’ve got and
what you are capable of making a present possibility in your life. Make sure you feel special
with the meals that you eat. In some way or another create a way to make it an occasion.

Did a tooth come out? Did the first snow fall? Make something special by acknowledging that special
thing. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to be appreciative or a holiday to celebrate. Make one of
your special dishes. Every day of life can be a special occasion; we need not be told by the
marketing media what is special to us. We make our lives special and meaningful. Put flowers on the
table, light some candles, you make it special. Lay a nice table cloth with flowers in a jar if you have to. Things have meaning in our life when we show we care. A little extra effort can be a beautiful thing.

Did you get a first full basket of ripe tomatoes from your garden? Celebrate! Make them look
beautiful and enticing on the plate. Show them off! They are beautiful in all their glory.

Make special things for children, I learned this from my grandmother, because whenever she made a large cake she would find a small cake pan or mold and put some batter in it for the little
ones around. She did this for all of her grandchildren. Turning out the small cake and glazing it special or dusting it with powdered sugar on a little plate.

A meatloaf made in a smaller loaf pan. If a small child was around she would let them help her
and let them create a smaller version for themselves. Small burgers made for dinner rolls.
Sandwiches cut into triangles fit for small hands. Allow a child to help with their own hands to find out just how easy it is.

The important thing is to find reasons and make special occasions to acknowledge them. Change the
usual routine in just a small way; brighten it up, put a smile on your face, there is reason to celebrate!


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