Weight Control

15 Weight control.

Eat modest portions of good quality food. The most vulgar thing that I can think of is an oversized
plate heaping with crappy food. Why are we treating ourselves like this? By stopping and eating good quality food we will feel more satisfied and not need to keep filling ourselves until we nearly bust from overeating. If it’s good food you don’t need to eat as much of it. If it’s good quality you won’t feel the need to stuff yourself.

Because you control the quality of the ingredients you will eat better. You’re eating real food and
taking an interest in the ingredients you use and it will make a transformation in your life. Cooking with whole food ingredients at home is going to be healthy for your body. Because you won’t be buying bottled salad dressings—instead making your own from a few simple pantry staples—
you’ll be taking control.

One serving size is eight ounces. There are so many choices of grains to try rather than the same
old brown rice. Keep prepared, by you, beans and grains in your frig. Season as you go for each
serving to change it up. Accompany with vegetables and fruit. Prepare meat, roasted, broiled, or grilled, slice it and have it ready. How you prepare your food will have an impact on your health. Spice it, flavor it to your liking—and you will enjoy it and the food will satisfy you.

Keep the foods you love in your kitchen. If you love chocolate, get some good chocolate and have
a piece every day. Buy good coffee so you can enjoy that every day. Never totally deprive yourself, make it a point to have these things that give you comfort, at certain times of the day.

Your home cooking is going to have an amazing effect on your health and your family’s.


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