leftovers · Reheating with Steam

22 Get to know the power of steam.

If you choose not to use a microwave to reheat food, steam is the way to go. Invest in a couple of
double boilers—small and medium sized, and one with a steamer insert. Foods heat in no time without scorching as steam gently and efficiently heats food as well as retaining the nutrients that
are lost with microwaving.

Cooking and reheating with steam have been around forever, so there are very inexpensive methods you can try. One is to wrap the food tightly in foil, place it in a skillet with about an
inch of water and put a lid on it. Foods will heat in minutes. Placing an aluminum pie plate in a
skillet of water works great, also. A vegetable steamer basket works well, wrap the food in foilso it doesn’t fall apart. If you keep food in jars or glass containers this can easily be set in to a pan of simmering water and will reheat food very quickly.

A system can easily be set up for reheating with steam; there are some really nice steamer/double
boiler combinations, that are reasonably priced for the stove. The bamboo steamer basket is an
inexpensive, good option or a stainless steel dim sum basket Also, some very, nice electric,
counter-top versions that are not expensive with efficient two and three-tier baskets. You’ll be very impressed with these handy things, and if you are able to go over the top, there are convection
oven/steamers that will cost you an arm and a leg. Just don’t get carried away and buy a microwaveable steamer.

If this is what you decide to do, you’re going to be very impressed with steam.


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