Kitchen Clutter · Small Spaces · Work Spaces

25 Keep your kitchen a kitchen.

Many of us use our kitchen as a drop off point for mail and bills to be paid, or as a computer station. Space is limited and valuable as it should be—by all means use it. The table gets used for
homework, internet surfing, reading, sewing and whatever else needs a flat open space. Great! Use
it when it’s not being used. When meal time comes around, clear that space and turn your
attention to the food and the meal. Recreate the atmosphere to appreciate mealtime.

Keep it a kitchen most of the time. It is not a station; it’s a place to be. Your kitchen should
have a used feeling of actually being there. Working, sustaining our needs.

I have had to work with very small spaces; All-in-one spaces and places. It does work. Know that it
can work. Take one area of that small space and designate it as ‘kitchen only.’ Keep it clean. Make
it look like it’s a kitchen work space with a cutting board, a skillet or pan hanging, utensils in a jar. Keep this work space respected as much as you possibly can. It is workable. A kitchen is often a pass-thru to get somewhere else. When you get ready to cook, you have to remember it works as a kitchen and you have to make it work.

Try to always start with a clean and clutter-free work space. If you don’t make it a habit to keep
your work space clear it will be overwhelming to prepare food and you may be inspired but never
begin—and that I don’t want to happen. You are going to be doing a lot of cooking—eating the
food that comes from your kitchen, keep it clean and clutter free, so that it welcomes the work
you’re going to be doing there.

Make your kitchen and eating space a place to be. It’s a place to cook and a comfortable place to eat and linger a while after the meal; A place to find comfort and be comfortable in.


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