Not interesting – and very boring. Leftovers. I happen to love leftovers for lunch, always have and always will. I did buy some chicken, but I will not cook until tomorrow. My stomach has been a bit upset.

I used to figure skate, a lot. My favorite thing to take with me to eat was a turkey burger, spices mixed in it , but plain; no condiments. Along with some fruit and a hardboiled egg and a few other things. I skated between 5 and 8 – 45 minute sessions a day and worked 8 hours, also – I brought my food with me in an igloo, like every other skater did. I never ate out. This not eating out thing is not totally new to me, I have gone for very long periods of time doing this, but for different reasons. And for the same reason, also, that eating out (fast food, especially), bottom line is not healthy. It feels good to eat food that is not high in fat and sodium and I omit soda. I have not sworn myself off my favorite foods, though, including butter and olive oil and chocolate. And I do eat white sugar, as a matter of fact, I love sugar in any way shape or form – but I do try to keep it in moderation. Nobody’s perfect; I don’t claim to be, pretend or plan on it.
Hasta Manana 😉


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