A Freezing Refrigerator

My refrigerator froze everything solid. I would say that everything froze except the mustard. I have had this problem before, so I turned it off overnight and pulled the ice out and turned it back on. So far, it seems to be back on track.

I made Thai curry chicken with brown rice. Not totally from scratch, the sauce was a bottle from Trader Joe’s that my sister sent me in a care package when I had a bad week. Of course, the chocolate and veggie chips that were in the package are long gone.

Inspiration of course was the bottle in my cabinet, and I knew that it was going to be good.

I have not had chocolate in a long time, because, I am a chocolate snob. I would rather not have it (although, the human that I am will occasionally break down when offered). Scharffen Berger is the best chocolate, hands down. Lindt is very good, also, and there are many others. So I can wait. It is worth it.

I have not yet invited anyone to my blog, I want the novelty to go away inside me and then I will. I love it; I look forward to it and for now I will continue on. Hasta Manana~


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