A Gleaming Refrigerator at the End of the Cereal Aisle

My refrigerator is older than the hills it lives in. After the freezing incident yesterday, I restocked, just a bit today. It’s old but it still gleams and it’s always refreshing to have a cleaned out refrigerator.

When I bought my old condo ages ago, it came with a refigerator. After several months there it began to freeze up on me. I got a brush and brushed out the bottom, and it ran again for several months. Actually this went on for about 3 years (ish). When it started freezing full gallons of milk, I finally lost it. So, with good credit in hand I went to Sears and found the refrigerator of my dreams, beautiful black and stainless steel. I was so happy, I found myself caressing it like a man (my friend Jeanine giggled when I told her). It was gorgeous, the smooth satin finish, side-by-side doors. When they brought it and installed it – so friggin easily by the way – I couldn’t wait to run to the market and fill it up. So clean and organized and working efficiently. This beautiful thing is in storage at the moment, and it is just like one of my pets: Part of the Family. I cannot get rid of it.

This time I lost it over a frozen tomato – frozen solid just like a little cannon ball.

Today was pretty much routine. Leftovers, spicy, stewy leftovers better the next day.

I have not sworn off cereal, yet. If I am hungry later I will have a bowl of Life. Are you old enough to remember the Mikey commercials? Mmm hmm.

I am a cereal fanatic. Jerry Seinfeld had an envious collection on his show. The more cereal I have in my cupboard, the safer and more secure I feel. Seriously, quitting cereal would be harder for me than quitting smoking. I mostly eat it for dinner, maybe lunch and once in a while breakfast. Shit, I really have to think about this one.

Until tomorrow, give me a bowl, a spoon and a box. Give it to me cold; Give it to me hot; Give it to me straight out of the box. Okay, why am I talking like a Dr. Seuss cartoon?

Sometimes I crack myself up 🙂


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