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It’s All About Eating

Some days are so busy getting things done – and when they do finally get done it’s not at a certain time like lunch time or dinner time. You work hard until they get done – time doesn’t matter – you’re starving, ravenous, in fact. At a time like this you reach for things you know and crave. The best thing about this kind of food is that it’s quick – you know that pan to mouth it’s only going to be about 5 – 10 minutes max. I have my Go-To foods that have to fill me up fast:
I love my pomme frites with spicy ketchup.
A quesadilla with salsa and sour cream or whatever can fill it up along with the stringy melting cheese.
A big bowl of chocolate malt-o-meal.
A baguette with Nutella.
Cornbread with beans.
A big bowl of cereal, probably Life.
Sourdough bread toasted with melted brie.
A grilled cheese on sourdough with bacon and tomato.
Nachos with lots of cheese and anything that willl go with them, leftover meat, beans and salsa.
Any leftovers in the fridge lucky enough to taste better the next day.
Eggs any which way you feel like having them.
This is ‘just plain eatin’, it is not a rounded meal per se. It is needed to fill you up fast, and not be fast food. Times like these happen to everyone and we need the comfort after a stressful time of work or just plain life. The joy of this kind of eating is that we always go for what we know and love. Time to get home fix something quick to eat, get into your jammies, EAT and get some serious sleep. It does help to call your best friend and vent while eating – and usually talk about what you’re eating for just a quick second to get an approving ‘mmmm’ from them while sitting on the couch with your feet up on the coffee table, remote in hand.
There you have it: Life happens; Work happens; and you get stressed and tired. The dishes can wait.


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