Summer Supper

In summer I eat salads every day. One of my favorite meals is a big green salad with a vinagrette, with some cold roasted chicken or sliced ham. Maybe some sliced tomatoes, bread and butter. Everything goes on one plate and voila! that’s dinner. For the meat I usually have some chutney or a favorite sauce is a little mayo mixed with a smoked chipotle sauce (the mayo to thin it out and reduce the temp).

Strawberries are a fruit that I think we all must love. I like to slice strawberries, mix sour cream with some brown sugar and pour over the bowl of berries. I love this so much I usually eat them all – saving none for later. I love to eat….

2 thoughts on “Summer Supper

  1. All this week we were eating fresh salads.Homegrown lettuce,fresh snow peas and other various things thrown in.Tonight we will be 'salading' once again but I will be making a Creamy Spinach Salad and a simple Potato Salad. We love Salads in this household(certainly I do,they are quick and simple and dont heat up the house!) Have a great weekend!


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