The Art of Preparation

Is anybody getting what I am talking about here…
To love the ingredients as much as the dish they produce.
To put thought into the food we buy, we prepare and we eat.
The time we put into preparing food is in a sense showing respect for ourself and the food.
It is important to buy ingredients and not just food that we can put directly into our mouth instantly or within a few minutes, from a box, bag or wrapper – only to satisfy hunger. Yes, to satisfy hunger is important – but we must also nourish our souls with preparation, ritual and tradition. Eating without preparation is missing ingredients that are not edible, but they are the soul nourishing ingredients: patience and love.

I know it is not possible to create every single meal that we eat from our home kitchen, and there are times when socially we must eat out. But the main percentage of our meals must be cooked at home with real ingredients. I think we must have that basic concept in our life. Home cooked meals are not frozen dinners to put in the oven or microwave. They are real ingredients put together to create a meal. There should be no processed food in our homes or boxes of premade food. It saves money and it is more nourishing to our bodies and ourselves to buy whole foods and ingredients. I hope I encourage you, I hope I inspire you.


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