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Things That Drive Me Wild

Face it we all have a taste for something that not many others would understand. Certain things that are just mmmmm…Homemade bread; anything with pistachios or macadamias, nearly all things chocolate, junky cereals…and some definite junk food fetishes. I love Yoo Hoo’s and Moon Pies and I’m from southern California – and I love Nutella. Right now I am on a Nutella kick – on homemade bread, baguettes, bananas, ice cream, strawberries, straight from the jar. This was not something I grew up on, I never had it until I was at least in my 30’s and it was sort of an acquired taste, not too sure what to think at first. Once I tried a knock off brand and knew right away it wasn’t the same – went back to the original and never once looked back. There is always an emotional tie to the foods we love – a certain loyalty. It’s funny if I hear the song to an old t.v. sitcom the music will often remind me of a taste or a smell from home growing up; Sunday dinner, a roast in the oven, a cake baking, chutney slow cooking on the stove. Sometimes you just have to eat and linger…

One thought on “Things That Drive Me Wild

  1. Well,another thing we have in common.Macadamia Nuts and Nutella. Nutella is just lovely.Also,a bit sinful. I love creating with it( I have made a Nutella Frosting that would make you weep with joy!) But,most of all I love sneaking to the cupboard with a spoon and snitching some. Like you,I never had it till a few years ago,but,theres no going back now!


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