Fiesta fries

Fiesta Fries

I’m sure you know I love my fries or pommes frites. In the early 90’s I owned a snack bar and at the time it was sort of the craze to have fries any way you could imagine. Of course, there was the usual, chili cheese fries and nacho cheese fries, I, also made something similar to the In-N-Out Animal fries with cheese and fried onions. My personal favorite, though, are the fiesta fries: fries topped with cheddar cheese, salsa and sour cream.
Homemade fries, however, are the best. I know that I can eat 2 medium potatoes cut into strips by myself with toppings. If there is any taco meat or chicken that can be chopped up for the topping, hey the more the merrier. I love my fries, and I hope you do, too!

One thought on “Fiesta Fries

  1. Oh,yes! In our house we make Jo-jo's. Large potato wedges tossed with olive oil and seasoning and put in the oven till crispy,then dunked in homemade ranch dressing.MMmmmmmm,yummy!


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