3 Month Mark

3 Month Mark

During the last 90 days I have been eating my own home cooked meals or other people’s home cooked food. I know what I veer towards in restaurants and fast food and have tried when needed to duplicate that with my own versions. I get on my kicks of Mexican or Italian. Love my salads and French bistro cooking. Have my homemade bread and jam. I know what home cooked meals of my own I love and keep on hand at all times, carbonara, vegetables for roasting, potatoes of every kind and freshness as often as possible. I eat eggs – omelette’s – and salad a lot, as it’s summer now, eating patterns will change with the seasons. I’ve been keeping garbanzo beans and black or pinto beans in the refrigerator for my tacos and salads, also.

When I shop I always make sure when I come home I prep and cook what I know will be a few good meals. Meats or casseroles last me 3 maybe 4 days. Cooked rice is another good item to have on hand, it mixes well with ground beef, eggs and cheese and will make a dish a little bit heartier than expected.

I know that by myself I can eat a whole loaf of bread and whole pound cake within about 7 days. Sounds like a lot? I thought so, too. But I do and I feel much better for it. No pounds gained, none lost.

I’m enjoying this. The trick is to Think Ahead…Meals Ahead. Hungry? The next meal is at 8AM, 12PM and 5PM. Meal time always comes around so snacking is not really that necessary.
Let your hunger grow and sit down and eat what you cook.
~All my best.

One thought on “3 Month Mark

  1. Congrats on the 90 day mark! Glad you are enjoying yourself:) We have eaten alot of salads all summer,but I am looking forward to the change in weather which will change our food to hearty stews and soups!


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