end of summer · Zucchini

Lost But Not Forgotten

Summer has been way too short for me here in the mountains. Fall is in the air already. Fresh produce – I still have an abundance of green tomatoes on the vine. Small county fairs – barbecuing meats and roasted corn. I was a judge at the 4H for cooking and sewing and with my meal ticket had bbq chicken and corn. Good wholesome food. The 4H kids baked cookies and brownies, great job for 8 and 9 year olds, I was very proud of them.

I have kept up my home cooked meals except for the one exception I had to make: A date, just recently. The item I chose was chicken Caesar salad, not too complicated or floating in goop. My to date, I will keep to myself.

I am lucky have a landlady that has a huge vegetable garden just south of here. She has dropped off way too many zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers and lettuce. I am zucchini-ed OUT! I have made zucchini everything. Shredded and cooked down it makes a wonderful filling for tacos, with sour cream, avocados, beans and salsa – you would be amazed at just how tasty these are. Shred zucchini, which I found the easiest way to cook them, and you can add them to just about anything from eggs to pasta and ground beef. Add some onions and spices and you’re ready to add them to anything or have them as a side vegetable.

Several zucchini breads have been made with slices added to lunches and hiking trips and wood cutting trips – no one can seem to get enough of it. Why is it there is always sooo much zucchini?

With fall coming it’s like the changing of the guard; different cooking methods come into place. The oven stays on longer, soups and stews become more predominant meals. Baking cookies seems like a new treat once again.

I have my hopes up that summer will make a little rebound and come back and be with us for another couple of weeks – but we will have to see…


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