Say No to Fast Food

First of all the calories are twice as much as the same item prepared at home.

The fat content is always so much more. A super-sized meal that says the fried items contain no cholesterol are loaded with fat that can be converted to cholesterol in the blood.

Sugar, even in entrée items, especially Chinese food, blended beverages and smoothies.

Sodium is out of control; many entrée items have more salt than you should consume in one day. Excess sodium leads to high blood pressure which can also lead to high cholesterol.

Carbs, also, a healthy muffin is more often like eating a big slice of cake or a few doughnuts.

Ordering a salad at a fast food restaurant is never a healthy bet unless by chance they offer a salad bar where you are able to make healthy choices, or order the dressing on the side.

There will be little to no fiber in any item from a fast food restaurant.

I am adamantly against fast food now and I have eaten my fair share. What I have done is take a real look at what fast food places are offering us as food. The meals they offer are questionable. We shouldn’t have to think about the nutritional value of what we eat when we are eating. What we eat should taste good and make us feel good. To put it bluntly; a high fat, high sodium meal is not going to do that and soon after eating a meal like this we feel sluggish. Just take the time to think about it. If we take the time to prepare our own food and put thought into the nutritional value and taste as we make it, then we can simply enjoy it when we eat it.


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